Edinburgh World Heritage - Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site is a great resource for teachers to use, not just in history but with many cross-curricular opportunities.

Three teaching sequences have been devised for use on whiteboards. Select the whiteboard activities appropriate to their needs and adapt where necessary. Each sequence is supported by teachers’ notes offering guidance on how to use the resources on each whiteboard.

The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh

The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh

Discover how Edinburgh has developed from a medieval burgh to the building of the Georgian New Town and Victorian improvements.

A World Heritage City

Edinburgh – A World Heritage City

Find out Edinburgh's international importance and links around the globe.

Looking After Our Heritage

Looking After Our Heritage

Learn about how we preserve the city's unique heritage.

These are supported by:

  • Practical activities for the classroom.
  • Edinburgh visit activities to enrich a visit to the Old and New Towns.
  • History of Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns presented as a timeline focussing on events and developments within Edinburgh World Heritage Site.

Images used in the whiteboard activities can be found in the Resource Gallery for teachers to use independently. Teachers can download others for free from www.capitalcollections.org.uk/index.php

For Scottish teachers the activities support the development of the four capacities that underpin the Curriculum for Excellence. They also offer personalisation and choice, with active learning opportunities in citizenship.

Within each sequence are opportunities to extend work within literacy and for the practical application of skills in ICT.

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