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Looking After Our Heritage

Looking After Our HeritageThis teaching sequence will help children understand the issues around preserving the city’s heritage.

Through a series of shared tasks in the classroom and a focussed visit to Edinburgh’s historic centre, children investigate what makes the city’s architecture special and what can threaten it. They are taught to look critically at buildings, to identify what they like and dislike about buildings and consider the merits of preserving old buildings.

Using local examples they learn how, through careful conversion, redundant buildings can be adapted to play a part in Edinburgh’s rich cultural and commercial life, meeting both the needs of its citizens and the expectations of its visitors.

Children are then challenged to consider the options for the renovation and re-use of a redundant building in either the Old or New Town and prepare plans for its potential new use. They can also be tasked to design a new building for either the Old or New Town that will respect the area’s heritage whilst enhancing the quality of the environment.

Teachers should note that some of the examples used in this sequence may have changed since this resource was produced, and that they may need to substitute their own.

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Looking After Our Heritage – Whiteboard activities
Looking After Our Heritage – Teachers notes

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