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Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Historic Homes

The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site boast an outstanding variety of buildings with different architectural styles, materials and unique characters.

These traditional buildings already have certain benefits in terms of environmental sustainability, including their longevity, thermal mass, locally-sourced materials and natural ventilation. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to reduce energy inefficiency, even in traditional buildings, without compromising their authenticity.

The purpose of this online interactive guidance is to advise owners and residents about energy efficiency solutions that can improve the thermal performance of historic buildings, reduce carbon emissions and lower fuel bills.

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Improving Windows U-Valve - Heat loss through windows and openings represents 19% of the overall loss in a traditional flat and 11% in a detached house. More ›

Microgeneration - Renewable Energy’ is energy that comes from a constant and sustainable source, which does not harm the environment. More ›

Heating & Appliances - Use energy more efficiently - increase the efficiency of your heating system by upgrading your boiler. More ›

Loft Insulation - Heat loss from the roof averages 5% in a 4-storey traditional flat and 32% in a 1/2-storey detached house. More ›

Draught Excluding - A traditional flat loses around 20% of its heat through draughty doors, windows and uncontrolled ventilation gaps, such as chimney flues. More ›

Wall Insulation - Heat loss through outside walls represents 45% of the overall loss in a traditional flat with solid stone walls and nearly 24% in a detached house. More ›

Floor Insulation - A traditional cottage or a detached house loses nearly 6% of its heat through the floor. More ›

Behaviour Changing - Reduce the need for energy: Minimise building leaks and draughts, wear warmer clothes in winter, keep radiators clear of furniture and doors closed. More ›

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