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9-11 Gilmour's Close, Grassmarket

Gilmours Close

As the building had been vacant for some time, the shops on the ground floor were almost entirely refurbished during the project. This involved work such as excavation and paving, repairs to the foundations, masonry, cills and stallrisers, and replacing windows and doors. The overall cost was around £32,000.

Replacement of the foundations of the building by filling hollow walls with concrete. Indicative cost = £161.20 for 1 m³. More information ›

Excavation works in front of the shops for archaeological survey. Digging of several trenches with two different depths (600 mm and 1 m). Indicative cost = £ 664.94 for 8 m². More information ›

Replacement of 11 windows (exterior quality casements) of the shop fronts. Including beads, profiles, mastic sealant and moulded corners. More information ›

New framed supports (56 m) for the cills of the windows and top of the stone plinth. Indicative cost = £100.80.

A flashing was put down over the biggest door cornice in order to reinforce waterproof qualities. Indicative cost = £14.70 for 3m.

Repair of a crack in the stone lintel over the storm door. Indicative cost = £215.05.

Replacement of the frames and the lining sets of the two entrance doors.

Smallest entrance. Indicative cost = £110.86
Largest entrance. Indicative cost = £273.94

Replacement of the internal doors of the two entrances. They are double panelled with a solid panel at the bottom and a glazed panel to the top.


Largest entrance. Indicative cost = £960.67
Smallest entrance. Indicative cost = £519.92

Replacement of the stone steps of the shop entrances.

Largest entrance. Indicatice cost = £294
Smallest entrance. Indicative cost = £272

Repair of the rainwater pipe. Indicative cost = £119.10

Cleaning and painting stonework, metalwork and wood. More information ›

Replacement of 11 stall risers, below the windows, including cill, mastic sealant and top, bottom and intermediate supports for the fixing. More information ›

Installation of a fanlight (700 x 1100 mm) over the door. Fixed to masonry with screws. Indicative cost = £439.55.

Repair of the double entrance doors to match the existing doors.

Largest door. Indicative cost = £159.30
Smallest door. Indicative cost = £149.20

The shops were vacant before the restoration project has started. Panels were put against the windows to prevent vandalism. More information ›

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