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Removal of the existing paint on the stonework and application of a coat of mineral paint (a non-toxic and environmentally friendly paint). Indicative cost = £540.40 for 35 m².

Cleaning of the stonework, removal of the moss and application of an anti-fugal solution. Indicative cost = £66.88 for 4 m².

Regarding the metalwork, removal of the existing paint from the cast iron lintel, use of wire brush and application of a coat of mineral paint. Indicative cost = £195.60 for 24 m.

Application of three coats to the wood:
- one coat of primer
- one undercoat
- one coat of full gloss finish.

Indicative cost = £440.20, ie £226.80 for 36 m² and £213.40 for 110 m, for all wood surfaces.

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