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33-41b William Street

William Street

The EWH project to restore the shopfronts at 33-41B William Street was part of a repair to the whole building.

It involved a broad range of works such as: platt stones replacement, door replacement, paint analysis and repairs to the railings which are essential features of New Town shopfronts. The overall cost for restoring the shopfronts was around £37,000.

Replacement of the windows (1600 x 2450 mm each, including the frame and cill) of No's 39 and 41. More information ›

All of the doors were replaced. More information ›


Repairs were undertaken to the platt stones in front of the shops, including replacing or repairing broken slabs. More information ›

Analysis was undertaken to determine the paint history of the shopfronts and to help in the final choice of colours. The stonework of the shopfronts were painted in the same shade to keep a uniform feel, while the windows and doors were painted with individual colours. More information ›

All the railings, balustrades and window balconies underwent repairs or restorations. They were taken down, sanded, repaired and balusters were added if missing. All railings were repainted (see painting area for cost). More information ›

Repair of some parts of the moulded cornice above the shop fronts. In full, four indents (200 x 175 x 215 mm) were pointed. Indicative cost = £180 for each repair.

Temporary walkways were needed (£680 each) to allow access to the shop during the restoration works.

The concrete steps at the shop entrance were replaced with stone to match with the original architectural character. More information ›

Replacement of the rotten window cill of No. 33. The work involved bonding the new to the existing cill. Indicative cost = £410 for 1200 x 375 x 225 mm.

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