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All the railings, balustrades and window balconies underwent repairs or restorations. They were taken down, sanded, repaired and balusters were added if missing. All the railings were repainted (see painting area for cost).

Repair of the gate and adjacent balustrades leading to the basement level at No. 33, including new support posts. Indicative cost = £750.

Replacement of the cast iron railings. Indicative cost = £ 540 (£270 for 6 metres + installation of the new ones)

Replacement of the cast iron balustrades with finial. Indicative cost = £2480

Addition of three missing balusters. Indicative cost = £360 overall (£120 for each)

Four window platforms were removed. Indicative cost = overall £1240 (£310 each)

No's 35, 39 and 41 - replacement of the window balconies (200 x 600 mm) with new support brackets and profile for repairs. Indicative cost = overall £6300 (£2100 each)

No. 33 - replacement of the window balcony, with a smaller size (800 x 600 mm) to allow more headroom below on stair. Indicative cost = £1600, including new support brackets and profile for repairs.

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