Edinburgh World Heritage

52 Thistle Street - Ladies Fashion

For the ladies of Regency Edinburgh, Thistle Street was the place to go shopping for fashion.

Here at No.52 the shoemaker Andrew McNight had his shop, providing the latest styles. Any lady would need at least three pairs, for everyday wear, dancing and boots for walking, although Empress Josephine of France had 520 pairs. Shoes were made from fairly flimsy soft leather or fabric in a simple low-heeled ballet pump style, and tied with ribbons or laces.

Having bought your shoes what about your dress?

Styles were simple and classic, and just like the architecture of the times were inspired by ancient Rome and Greece. The opportunity for show came in the trimmings and decoration, so a visit to Galli & Zappe the artificial flower makers at No.47 and Mrs Anderson the crepe and lace dresser at No. 42 would be called for..

Thistle Street could even provide your underwear too – at No.28 was the staymaker Robert Cumming.

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