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EWH Appoints Energy Efficiency Officer

Chiara Ronchini has been appointed Energy Efficiency Officer for a fifteen month post funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.

Feb 8, 2010

Chiara’s project looks to raise awareness among local residents of the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability issues, and to promote the use of green routes and activities throughout the city. She will also assist with advice, coordination and fundraising to help community-led projects.

One of Chiara’s first initiatives is to map out the current state of energy efficiency in and awareness amongst residents of the World Heritage Site, through an on-line survey and questionnaires at key points around the city.

The collected information will be used to arrange targeted public seminars and events later in the spring where specific issues will be addressed and possible projects identified. The aim is to establish community engagement and leadership. Continuous activities and events will be arranged to increase recycling materials, use of allotments and green links.

Chiara says: “This is a groundbreaking initiative that will enable communities to embrace energy efficiency in their homes and in their lives. By introducing simple measures and changing behaviour in hard-to-treat properties we can alleviate fuel poverty in the World Heritage Site, demonstrating that historic buildings can be as energy efficient as most contemporary constructions.”

Become a fan of GO ENERGY EFFICIENT! Edinburgh World Heritage Site on Facebook to get regular updates on events, renewables and projects, and find leaflets, stickers and other gadgets available for download. You can also follow the progress with GoGreenEWH on Twitter. The EWH website will also have a special section with tips and advice on energy efficiency in historic homes and project information and updates.

Do you live in the World Heritage Site? Spend a few moments to fill in our questionnaire and get a free tea or coffee at Always Sunday on the Royal Mile.

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