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New Energy Efficiency guide

A guide to energy efficiency in historic buildings has been published by EWH.  

Jun 10, 2012

The new publication brings together work carried out as part of EWH’s Climate Challenge Fund project, advising owners and residents in the World Heritage Site about appropriate energy efficiency solutions.

Download Energy Efficiency in Historic Homes (PDF | 4MB)

The guide advises homeowners how to:

•    Reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions.

•    Do-it-yourself - reducing installation costs and maintenance costs.

•    Adopt heritage friendly measures - retaining historic authenticity and increasing property value.

The new publication details how to increase energy efficiency in historic buildings, without compromising their authentic character. Topics covered include sustainability and climate change, simple measures to reduce energy consumption, renewable energy, behaviour changing tips and grants available to help fund improvements.

The guide also emphasises the major benefits traditional buildings have in terms of environmental sustainability. Built of locally sourced, long lasting materials, with natural ventilation and solid construction capable of storing heat during the day, Edinburgh’s historic buildings provide a good model for new energy efficient housing.

Adam Wilkinson, Director of Edinburgh World Heritage said: “We are pleased to be able to put the right information in the hands of householders seeking to lower their fuel bills while doing their bit for the environment. Well intentioned decisions can end up damaging historic buildings, yet there is a range of practical measures one can take to reduce energy consumption and retain the character of a building. This leaflet aims to steer people in the right direction in the choices they make”

Five simple steps to increase energy efficiency:

•    Insulate your loft, utility pipes and water tank to retain heat.

•    Draught-proof and weather strip windows, doors and gaps to minimize building leaks.

•    Use curtains, blinds and shutters to reduce heat loss from your windows.

•    Upgrade your boiler to a more energy efficient type, and save energy and money.

•    Turn off lights and other electrical equipment, when not in use.

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