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Director's Notes - October 2012

Monthly update from EWH Director Adam Wilkinson.

Oct 1, 2012

Those visiting EWH over the coming months will find the office awash with new faces. A number of new volunteers will be joining those already contributing so marvellously to the work of the organisation. These include Julie Firth and Heidi Pearce, both of whom are continuing our survey of street lighting in the city centre (assisting the Council when it comes to working out what to replace them with), Joe Fennerty researching the development of parts of the West End, and Samantha Kain acting as our communications assistant. We have also benefited from the work of seven students at the University of Edinburgh, who have been interviewing people on the street as a part of our survey of the economic value of the World Heritage Site.

The value of our volunteers and interns is tremendous – in the previous financial year, their contribution was worth over £150,000 to EWH (and that is before we measure the tremendous input of the board, the members of which all volunteer their time). A fuller analysis of their contribution is to be found in our annual review, which you can download here, or you can pick up the phone and ask us to send a paper copy.

In spite of this wonderful contribution, there is still a good deal of fundraising to do to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. Once again, we will be taking part in the Big Give in December, when any donations made to EWH by individuals will, as if by magic, be doubled. While this sort of “challenge” fundraising creates a great deal of pressure on us for a short period of time, it works out to be rather good value.

Fundraising for projects is a little easier than finding the funding to run the organisation, and we have recently had some success with an application to the EU to help set up a programme of exchange with partners in Vienna, Prague and Warsaw, with contributions from Ferrara and Vilnius, to share experience in the management of complex historic city centres, with a view to setting up training programmes. Not every graduate planner comes with a full knowledge of this area! There remain plenty of projects in need of funding, however: should you wish to find out more about these, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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