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Conserving Edinburgh's West End

EWH has awarded £185,000 towards conserving two Georgian buildings in the West End.

Apr 29, 2010

Nos. 14, 14B Eton Terrace and 1 Lennox Street are an important corner block that sits on the backdrop to the Water of Leith. The main issue here is an old defect in the way some of the stone was originally laid down.

Positioning sandstone with its natural layers running horizontally makes a stable and durable wall. If they are placed with the layers vertically however, the stone will eventually come apart and the wall begin to flake away. The reason for building in this way was commonly lack of funding to source more appropriately cut stones.

Nos. 2 - 4 Stafford Street is close to Shandwick Place, a very busy route and directly on the route the tram will take. The works will include stone repairs, securing structural defects and repairs to the roof and chimneys, one of which will need to be dismantled and rebuilt.

House History

The area around Stafford Street was developed with upper class housing in the early 19th century after the demolition of Kirkbraehead Village at the end of the previous century. Robert Brown was responsible for the design of Stafford Street, and No. 2 - 4 typifies his architectural style of corner pavilions. The Victorian period saw a commercialisation of Shandwick Place with ground floor shops bringing much business to the area, but Stafford Street remained residential until the 1950s and did not alter much after the mid 1850s.

The corner of Lennox Street and Eton Terrace was built in 1855. The land was sold by the Learmonth Estate to the Heriot Trust for developments designed by John Tait. The windows of this particular building illustrate the transition from using crown glass to plate glass. Crown glass can be seen on the second floor in the 6 pane sashes, and plate glass has been used for the ground floor 4 pane sashes. It was originally built as a townhouse with flats above.

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