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Green Islands Budding in the World Heritage Site

Three EWH funded projects are engaging local residents in improving the green spaces around their homes.

Apr 28, 2010

Street railings have been reinstalled on the front façade of No.’s 4 and 5-7 Cambridge Street, opposite the Usher Hall and Traverse Theatre. This allows for small planting areas at the front of the buildings, in keeping with the original design of the buildings from 1863.

The spaces originally provided a buffer zone between the busy street and the private house. Over time however these have been increasingly taken over with building extensions or concreted over to allow car parking.

The projects in Coinyie House Close, reported on in the January newsletter, are progressing. The residents have been joining in gardening workshops, to help them look after their plots in the new garden design. Meanwhile pupils from Panmure St Ann’s School are building planters for their part of the new garden and are looking forward to the gardening lessons with Bridgend Allotment Community Project. They have also started painting a mural for their garden, with different groups working on four different themes linked to the history of the Close.

EWH are also planning to progress with a project in Rutland Square Gardens. The plan is to restore the central garden area and streetscape to its former grandeur, in keeping with the well preserved historical buildings around the square. It is also hoped that the square will be open to the public during the daytime.

The original plan for Rutland Square was drawn up by architect Archibald Elliot, and  finalised by John Tait. Two of the original trees still survive today, but the railings were dismantled during the Second World War. It is likely that they were similar to those surrounding buildings, and the plan is to use their pattern in making replacements.

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