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Final push for donations for St Bernard’s Well

St Bernard’s Well project is progressing well, but more donations are still required to complete the project.

May 28, 2013

The response to the appeal launched last November has been tremendous, and a total of £45,000 has so far been raised in donations from charitable trusts, foundations and indivduals. However a final £12,000 is still needed to properly complete the project.

Masons have now carried out repairs to the stonework, including restoring some of the monument’s intricate architectural details. Conservation work has also been carried out to some of the mosaics in the pump room, and the pump mechanism itself has been restored to working order. On the exterior, attention will now turns to repairs to the timber and cast-iron balcony at the base of the monument. Further work is now required to the mosaics and urn in the pump room, and to the statue of Hygeia.

The pine cone on top of the monument was dismantled and taken away for conservation work at the council’s museum collection centre. Under detailed examination it became clear that the pine cone was once covered in gold leaf, and with a special donation from the Inches Carr Trust it has now been re-gilded.

Below: The pine cone in sections is given a base coat and conservation volunteer Georgina Von Hoff applies gold leaf to the base of the finial.

The work to St Bernard’s Well forms the final part of the Twelve Monuments Project, a joint initiative of Edinburgh World Heritage and the City of Edinburgh Council, which has restored many of the city’s most important monuments and statues.

If you would like to donate towards the project please contact Edinburgh World Heritage on 0131 220 7720 or info@ewht.org.uk

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