Edinburgh World Heritage

The Wizard of the West Bow

Major Weir,‘the Wizard of the West Bow’, who was executed for witchcraft in 1670 lived not far from this spot.

Weir was part of a very strict religious sect and had a reputation for being a fiery preacher. However he fell sick, and in his fever he confessed to a secret life of supernatural activities with his sister Jean.

They were both arrested and sentenced to death for witchcraft. Weir was burned alive somewhere between Edinburgh and Leith, and his sister was hanged in the Grassmarket.

His house remained empty for many years, as it had a reputation for being haunted.
Neighbours confirmed sightings of his ghost and strange lights from within his former home, with sounds of laughter and revellery.

Major Weir’s house was demolished in 1829 when Victoria Street, but people still claimed to see the major and his sister riding down the street in a fiery coach driven by the devil.

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