Edinburgh World Heritage

Trinity Apse

Trinity Apse is all that remains of a medieval church, built around 1460 by Mary of Gueldres in honour of her husband King James II.

Trinity College Kirk was founded in 1460 by Mary of Gueldres in memory of her husband King James II. With the building of a railway station in 1848, the Kirk was distmantled and each piece of masonry numbered, to allow it to be reconstructed on another site.

The plight of the Kirk was the cause of much controversy, with Lord Cockburn and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland leading the calls for its preservation.

Cockburn described its demolition as, '...an outrage by sordid traders [who] would remove Pompeii for a railway, and tell us they had applied it to a better purpose in Dundee.'

However it was not until the 1870s that the remains were re-used as part of a new church in Chalmers Close.

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