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Green Heritage success story

The EWH Green Heritage project has been showcased in a new publication on good practice in sustainable and renewable energies.

May 29, 2014

The publication is produced by RENFORUS, who promote the use of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites as case studies on the sustainable use of renewable energy sources. The large number of UNESCO Sites around the world makes it possible to build and share a comprehensive knowledge base on good practices and their adaptation to local needs. The new report ‘Good Practices: Success stories on sustainable and renewable energies in UNESCO Sites’ looks to bring together a series of good examples for others to replicate.

The EWH Green Heritage project is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund, and looks to promote energy efficiency and sustainability in the World Heritage Site. The new RENFORUS publication highlights initiatives such as the Energy Heritage and Renewable Heritage projects with Changeworks, and the refurbishment of a nineteenth century tenement at Gilmour’s Close incorporating many energy efficient measures.

The guidance for homeowners is also illustrated, which outlines simple and easy steps that people can take to improve the energy efficiency of their homes without comprising the historic character of their building.

In their publication, RENFORUS comments: “Edinburgh has become a worldwide reference in demonstrating that energy transition towards sustainable models in historic cities is possible.”

“Edinburgh’s experience shows that good levels of energy efficiency could protect the sustainability of traditional homes (both their fabric and their function), and ensure that householders achieve affordable warmth and improved comfort levels.”

To find out more and to download a copy click here.

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