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Sep 19, 2014

300 years ago Edinburgh citizens were considering their political allegiance following news sent from London and recorded in the burgh records of 5 August 1714.

'That by ane express last night about twelve of the clock . . . Wee had the melancholy account of the demise of her Majesty Queen Ann of Blessed Memory which happened upon Sabbath’

Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch on the throne of the United Kingdom, had died four days earlier on August 1st.

The proclaiming of 'George, Elector of Lunenburg, King George of Great Britain, France and Ireland Defender of the faith' was also noted in the council record.

A month later, in September, George Warrender of Lochend, Edinburgh’s Lord Provost, affirmed Edinburgh’s support for the succession of the protestant Elector of Hanover as King George I.

The records of the burgh of Edinburgh show clearly that the Council had no sympathy for those of the Jacobite cause who were advocating that the 'pretender' James Francis Edward Stuart, the catholic son of the deposed James VII and II, should succeed to the throne.

'May it please your majesty,
Wee your majesties most dutifull and loyall subjects, the Lord provost magistrates and Counsell of the City of Edinburgh, doe with hearts of unfeigned joy presume to congratulat your Majesty upon your accession to the Crown and your happy arrivell to your Dominions. . .
The time wee hope is now come when it shall appear whither those who have been zealous for the protestant succession in your Majesties Royall family or the favoures of the pretender to your Crowne doe most deserve the odious names of faction,  when the sacred terms of loyalty and religion shall no more be prostituted for the concealment of designs for popery and arbitrary power . .
Wee humbly beg your Majesty will be graciously pleased to accept this our dutifill tender of our Loyalty.

Signed in name and by appointment of the toun Councill of Edinburgh.

Sic subscribitur Geo. Warrender, Provost.'

Images: Creative Commons licence cc

Queen Anne by Michael Dahl, oil on canvas, (1705) (Cropped)
© National Portrait Gallery, London.

King George, studio of Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt, oil on canvas, (1714) (Cropped)
© National Portrait Gallery, London.

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