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Director's Notes - July 2016

Monthly update from EWH Director Adam Wilkinson.

Jul 4, 2016

Every five years EWH, along with its partners at Historic Environment Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council, revise the management plan that underpins how we look after the World Heritage Site.

The next plan is due early next year in draft. The current plan recognised the challenge of balancing all the needs of different stakeholders in a World Heritage Site at the heart of a living city. We are at the stage with the new plan of seeking your views on what the main issues affecting the World Heritage Site are: of course we have our own thoughts on this from our daily work, but it is important that those who live in and around the World Heritage Site help us gain some perspective. Please do take the time to contribute to shaping the management plan at this early stage – although there will be the opportunity to contribute in later phases we are keen for people and organisations to engage now. You can find the consultation here.

As an outward looking international organisation, last month's decision on Brexit will undoubtedly have an impact on our work. We actively engage with colleagues in other cities and organisations in Europe using EC funding, to come together to address common problems, using the smaller European programmes to support the costs of travel and enable knowledge exchange. So what on its own would be a, say, £10,000 project, becomes a £50,000 with four other partners, with much wider outcomes. While in a UK outwith the EU our share of the funding might be substituted by national government (although during the campaign, it's been promised to any other number of causes), the outcomes from the wider project and learning from our partners won't. On the other hand, new opportunities may arise. We will remain alert to these.

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