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EWH bids to improve Jacob's Ladder

Would you support a project to improve this ancient footpath connecting the Old Town with Calton Hill?

Jul 25, 2016

Jacob's Ladder is a steep staircase carved into the volcanic rock of Calton Hill. The path leads down from Regent Road, emerging under the rail bridge on Calton Road.

Named after the Old Testament story of Jacob’s dream about a stairway to heaven, there are a number of steep paths and steps called Jacob’s Ladder dotted about the UK. The use of the name here may also have been prompted by the path being a route for funeral processions up to the burial ground on Calton Hill.

This atmospheric historic street is in need of some TLC, and EWH is preparing a project to make that happen: lots of improvements to make the path feel safer and more comfortable to use. First on the agenda is installing lighting so that it stops being a no-go zone at night. EWH also plans to repair the walls and footpath, remove the graffiti, repaint the rusty railings and install signage to show that it is a through route.

EWH is putting £50,000 into the project, and will be working in partnership with the Council, but more is needed to make it happen. EWH will be submitting an application to the New Waverley Fund for a grant to contribute to the cost, and would love to be able to show that this project has the support of people who know and love Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site.

Please like, share or comment on this post to show your support or send an email and help us make another piece of this special city work even better for the people who love it and use it.

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