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Green make-over for Coinyie House Close

Young people at Panmure St. Ann’s school have completed their environmental project.

Jul 19, 2010

Back in September 2009, the young people at Panmure St Ann’s school expressed their interest in doing something with their tarmac courtyard, which had the potential to be improved to better host their favourite activities. After a consultation process where the space was treated as a blank canvas, the pupils came up with many different ideas to ‘colour’ their playground. Among these, the most popular idea was creating an edible garden, as a private space where to grow vegetables, play and rest.

Since February this year, the pupils have been involved in wide-ranging workshops to develop their manual skills and learn about gardening. They have sawn, sanded, drilled and joined beams to fabricate wooden planters, for herbs and fruit trees.

The young people also designed and painted six murals to mark their connections  with the long history of the close, which was once the site of the Royal Mint, and with their school building itself, which used to be a school for orphan boys.

The pupils commented: “It was fun and exhilarating. We used different types of tools. We made seed trays and garden planters.”

“I helped draw and paint our mural. I’ve never done anything like that before – it was good, yeah!”

On Friday 25 June the school celebrated the pupils’ achievements in the project, together with the teachers, the residents at Coinyie House Close, Edinburgh World Heritage, councillors and all the other charities involved.

Chiara Ronchini, energy efficiency officer with Edinburgh World Heritage, said: ”The pupils’ involvement, dedication and creativity was absolutely fantastic. I feel so lucky to have worked with such fantastic young people, teachers and partners and I hope this experience has enriched everybody as much as it has enriched me as a person.”

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