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Repayable Grants

Details repaired at Shandwick Place

These are for conservation work to privately owned and commercial historic buildings. Grants are offered up to 70% of eligible costs, and are repayable on the sale or transfer of the property.

Download the application forms

Guidance Notes (PDF | 167kb)
Application Form – Repayable Grants (PDF | 74kb)
Additional Ownership Details (PDF | 55kb)
Conservation Funding Programme Boundary (PDF | 553kb)

Application Process

  • Proprietors submit a completed Application Form with preliminary project details.
  • For eligible projects, the proprietor is asked to contract an appropriately qualified and conservation accredited professional adviser to compose a Conservation Statement for the property.
  • The EWH technical staff carry out inspections and make an assessment on the eligibility of the scheme for receiving a grant. This information is compiled into a report that goes to the Grants Committee which confirms which projects may receive funding.
  • A detailed scheme design is developed with possible start and completion dates for the Conservation Scheme. Information should be sufficiently detailed at this stage to eliminate unexpected costs. EWH then agrees to the scheme In Principle. This is not legally binding but agrees to further development of the scheme and specification of costs.
  • Proprietors submit application for Main Grant Award with tender report, signed Legal Agreement and proof of approved statutory requirements such as Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent and Building Warrant Approval. EWH agrees costs and makes a Grant Offer.
  • Work starts on site. Lead professionals prepare regular Grant Claims to be submitted to EWH.
  • After completion of the project the proprietors submit ‘after’ photos and ‘as built’ record drawings. Maintenance for the property must be carried out on a regular basis after completion of work that has been grant aided by EWH.

For more detailed information on the application process and the eligibility requirements please see the Guidance Notes for Applicants (PDF | 167kb).

Recent Projects

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